Monday, November 19, 2012

Proclaim Liberty to the Captives (Isaiah 61:1)

Hello Everyone,
I know it has been a long time since I have posted, I have been busy with so many things, and since the school year and speech and debate started I have been even more busy.

I felt led to do this post to raise awareness for worldwide modern day slavery. It is real. And it is happening everywhere. Recently (Actually today) I have started to get involved in the International Justice Mission. For a long time I have wanted to join this and today, since I have Thanksgiving break from school, I have joined their prayer team and have set up a Freedom maker campaign.
In this post I am going to look into what we as Americans are to be truly thankful for.
Every thanksgiving our family looks at what we are thankful for and over the years my list has changed, when I was little I was thankful for God, Jesus, the sky, the sun, etc. and today it is Jesus' sacrifice, My God, Freedom, Justice, etc.
After looking at International Justice Mission (IJM), I was faced with a reality of modern slavery.
Most Americans take so lightly our freedoms and rights, they just go on with their lives and forget the sacrifice so many Americans paid to have our freedoms. So many people valued the rights of the Constitution so much that they were willing to give their life for it, many veterans who have lived have been scarred for life. One of which is my own Grandfather:
Matthew served in the Vietnam War twice and he is one of the many who are left with the scary memories of the war. When He returned from the war he second time, he was forever changed. He couldn't get the memories out of his head and sadly the only thing that  would "help" sometimes was drinking. Because of his excessive drinking, he was divorced from His wife and three kids, one of which was my mom. My mom was only two years old and that time and did not see her father till she was twelve. Then she saw him when she was twenty-three. My grandfather died in 2007 and I never saw him or even got to talk to him, all I have are pictures my grandmother has. He is one of the many who die for freedoms sake, this is what we need to be thankful for. But back to IJM, If you feel led, I have started a campaign to raise $1,000 for slavery. Here is the link, please copy and paste:

I thank my Lord and my God for the freedom he gave to us, not only physically, but most importantly spiritually, He has freed us from the chains of sin.

May we give thanks where it is due,
5 Smooth Stones

Romans 12:1-2